You got a bad review, now what?

The first question we usually get asked is “can you really help me get more Google reviews?” (The answer is “yes”). The second is, “what happens if I get a bad review?” The answer: not much really.

Testimonials have been forbidden for so long in this industry that advisers have never had to grapple with constructive feedback on public forums. Understandably, the prospect of seeing something less-than-flattering can be unnerving. But we have good news…

Proactivity boosts ratings

Positive and negative experiences drive different emotional states and unfortunately, people are far more likely to leave an unprompted review after a poor experience than a great one. So if you take a passive approach to your digital reputation, it’s likely that your reviews will skew negative (or will be nonexistent…).

BUT, 70% of people will leave a review if asked. So the best way to ensure your reviews accurately reflect your client experience it to be proactive about engaging them in the process.

Bad reviews aren’t all bad

It may seem counterintuitive, but the presence of a few negative reviews actually builds trust. Online reviews have been around for decades and it didn’t take long for unscrupulous companies to try and game the system, flooding review platforms with fraudulent reviews. As a result, prospects are weary of flawless five star rating, leaving them wondering if the reviews they are seeing are actually unbiased.

The sweet spot? 4.2 to 4.5 stars. So when the occasional bit of constructive feedback comes in, take a deep breath and remember that authentic feedback is what actually builds trust, not five star ratings.

It’s an invitation to reach out

While advisers need to be careful about responding publicly to reviews, negative feedback is the perfect opportunity to connect with at-risk clients before they make a switch. Often times, it turns out the source of frustration was a simple misunderstanding or missed communication that can be fixed quickly.

Many clients actually view their online reviews as living documents, and many even choose to update negative reviews after firms have contacted them to resolve concerns.

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