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In December 2020, the SEC announced its new marketing rule, giving advisers the ability to gather and post testimonials and reviews. While many adviser-client partnerships start with a referral, client testimonials and reviews play an important role in building credibility and trust to further validate the referral.

Although the updated rule gives advisers new access to these marketing tools, there is still confusion across the industry about how and where they can be leveraged.

Built in accordance with current SEC and FINRA rules and regulations, Testimonial IQ unlocks previously inaccessible marketing tools for financial advisers, including gathering and sharing critical third-party validation. Testimonial IQ streamlines the process from gathering reviews to sharing them publicly on Google Reviews, and other sites, with the necessary disclosures and compliance oversight built-in.

While reviews are important, it’s just one piece of proactive reputation management. Testimonial IQ gives advisers a more holistic understanding of the client experience with surveys and AI-based competitor analysis.

From identifying new opportunities for referrals, the ability to flag at-risk client segments, and the ability to monitor their digital reputation as compared to their competitors across different geographies, Testimonial IQ helps advisers and their marketing and compliance teams optimize their online presence through third-party validation and insights to grow their business.

Our Leadership

Andrew Johnson

Co-Founder & CEO


An experienced FinTech entrepreneur, Andrew previously co-founded Datalign Advisory, an RIA referral platform where he serves as a board advisor.

Before Datalign, he worked in management consulting with a focus on B2C marketing and in product/operations strategy with Meta (Facebook).

Andrew served for five years in the Navy as a Surface Warfare Officer, including two deployments on the world’s finest Destroyer, USS O’Kane.

Andrew earned his MBA from the University of Virginia and his BS from Davidson College. He resides with his family in Denver, CO.

Shivakar Vuilli

Co-Founder & CTO


Shivakar brings over 15 years of experience in enterprise system architecture and large-scale distributed systems. He has over a decade of experience building products in marketing research, analytics, and ad tech spaces.

Shivakar holds Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science from Missouri University of Science and Technology as well as a BS from Archarya Nagarjuna University.

John Wernz

Board Advisor


John is an Entrepreneur in Residence at Great Hill Partners. John was previously the Chief Marketing and Growth Officer for Wealth Enhancement Group (WEG). Over 10+ years he helped the firm grow from under 100 to over 1,000 employees and from under $2.5B in assets under management to over $50B.

Prior to WEG John led a national marketing agency that specialized in customer acquisition programs in financial services.

John graduated with a degree in Finance from Gustavus Adolphus College. He is heavily involved in supporting the community including being on the boards of the Pinky Swear Foundation and the Minnesota Military Appreciation Fund. John is also co-owner in an award winning craft brewery in Minnesota named Spilled Grain.

Pierce Babirak

Board Advisor


Pierce is a fintech attorney with nearly a decade of experience directly working for, advising, or representing VC-backed startup companies innovating in financial services. From identifying growth opportunities, advising on strategic planning, assisting navigating complex regulatory frameworks, or representing clients before federal and state regulators, Pierce has worked with companies at all stages of the business lifecycle.

He has practiced law as a federal court clerk, at a boutique fintech law firm, and at an AMLAW-20 large law firm.

Pierce obtained his JD and MBA from the University of Virginia, his MSeD from the University of Pennsylvania, and his BA from Grove City College. Originally from Maine, he currently resides in Washington D.C.