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Reviews and testimonials are the new referrals.

Did you know the least trusted source of information about brands and services is advertising? Social media and blogs don’t fare much better. The only sources trusted by more than 90% of consumers are recommendations from family or friends—and online reviews.

While other marketing tactics all have their place, none build trust with prospects the way a steady stream of honest reviews from clients do.

Create custom forms with personalized branding to request feedback from clients

Choose how and when to contact customers—without needing to upload a contact list

Enable clients to share written or video testimonials right from their phones

Social Presence

Make it easy for prospective clients to find and trust you.

90% of online searches happen on Google and 42% of prospective clients are more likely to search Google for a financial adviser than they are to ask a friend. Google places a heavy emphasis on reviews as part of their SEO formula, especially when it comes to local search.

But it’s not enough for prospective clients to be able to find you—more than 80% of people will check out a business’s Google reviews before ever stepping foot in the door.

Increase your Google Review volume and climb up the local search rankings

Set up alerts to monitor your online reviews

Manage multiple locations from a single hub


Share powerful, client- generated content with prospects.

The digital age of marketing was supposed to make reaching people easier. Instead, invasive marketing tactics have eroded consumer trust (and patience). Today, 96% of consumers don’t trust ads. So what should a marketer do when your prospects are online but don’t trust your content?

At least part of the solution lies in User Generated Content (UGC) like posts, reviews, etc. Consumers trust authentic customer reviews more than any other type of content, so it shouldn’t be surprising that ads centered on UCG convert sales at 4x the rate of others.

Select your approved social channels and quickly reach your followers

Download content from the platform to incorporate into email campaigns

Easily add approved testimonial content to your website, building trust and boosting SEO


A marketing platform even your compliance team will love.

The new marketing rule has opened the door for SEC-registered financial advisers to leverage client testimonials, but they still need to be more cautious than the average business.

It’s imperative that advisers understand their role in the process of review generation to avoid “entanglement.”

When advisers do choose to use reviews, they must ensure those reviews are accompanied by “clear and prominent” disclosures.

Access customizable compliance tools that provide oversight through the full client feedback process

Standardize and automate disclosures to accompany every testimonial you share

Store your testimonials and compliance review history securely in a digital vault, accessible any time