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Share powerful, client-generated content with prospects 

Testimonial IQ makes it easy to package and share client reviews through social channels, e-mail campaigns or your own website

Share on your favorite channels

Select your approved social channels and quickly reach your followers


Download content from the platform to incorporate into email campaigns


Easily add approved testimonial content to your website, building trust and boosting SEO


The importance of UCG

The old way doesn't work anymore

The digital age was supposed to make the CMO's job easier. Instead, the opposite happened. Big data, personalized content and hyper-targeted ad campaigns promised to usher in a new era of efficient customer acquisition. Then things like the Cambridge Analytica scandal coupled with a deluge of popup and invasive e-mail marketing campaigns eroded consumer trust (and patience). Today, 96% of consumers don't trust advertisements. And they especially don't like digital ads. So what is a marketer supposed to do when your prospective clients are all online but don't trust your digital content? 


Let your clients write your copy

At least part of the solution lies in User Generated Content, or UCG for short. UCG is the content - posts, reviews, images, etc - that your customers share about you, and it has become massively important in building trust with an increasingly skeptical audience. In fact, consumers trust authentic customers reviews more than any other type of content. So it is shouldn't be surprising that incorporating those reviews into your existing marketing campaigns can dramatically improve their effectiveness: ads centered on UCG convert at 4x the rate of others!

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