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Make it easy for prospective clients to find and  trust you

Climb up the local search rankings and stand out from the crowd by building your online reputation with reviews

Manage your digital presence

Increase your Google review volume, improving SEO and driving more organic traffic


Set up alerting to monitor your online reviews; manage multiple locations from a single hub


Track trends over time and compare performance ratings across locations


Reviews and discoverability

It starts with Search

Google is your new homepage. You may not be surprised to hear that Google has 90% of search market share, but did you know that prospective clients are more likely to start their search for a financial adviser on Google than they are to ask a friend? Google places a heavy emphasis on reviews as part of their SEO formula, particularly when it comes local search. So without a robust portfolio of reviews, the 42% of people who start their search for a financial adviser on Google may never even know you exist!


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An opportunity to build trust

Showing up in a search engine is the first step, but it isn't enough. How you show up matters, too. Thanks to the proliferation of social media, customer reviews and user-generated content, consumers today expect to start building trust with a business long before a first meeting. More than 80% of people will check out a business's Google reviews before ever stepping foot in the door. And one or two lonely reviews won't cut it - volume and recency matter. The good news? If you get it right, three-quarters of people say that seeing reviews on a landing page increases their trust in a company. And that's all before your first call!

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